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Entrepreneurial Guide to Build a Sustainable Digital Brand for Business

Here is the guide to building your digital brand as an Entrepreneur Super startups and digital Influencers like Janet’s words are shaping many existing and growing brands. She dives us deep into the entrepreneurial guide to build a sustainable digital brand for business. With the rise in technology usage in

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Alienated men, those men

Alienated men, those men What is destroying man is having too much wisdom – anonymous All they do is sit in their high places;Trading off their superiority over fellow mortal menThinking to themselves as all-powerful to Oppress their subjects!They think themselves invincible;Yet only God knows they are nothing, But alter boys

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Earning big in fashion Solome Katongole was born in Uganda and raised in Columbia. Little is known about her family background.She holds a Bachelor of Science in biology though she opted out due to changing desires in taste and preference in career. Like the African saying, “fate will always direct and lead

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