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Android Vs iOS — 2021

Four things you should know as we compare Android and iOS — Pricing, Customization, Camera, & Performance (2021)

Android VS iOS. — Four things you should know.

When your pockets are smiling and heavy-loaded, there is usually an urge to think of advancing in life, improving your lifestyle, and satisfying your desires. One of the pinpoints is acquiring the latest gadgets on the market that are up to date tech-wise.

Today let’s talk about phones, software, and Android/iOs. These are particularly disturbing when it comes to reaching a decision on which one to have for yourself.

You may agree or disagree with our finding but in the end, you all know who is supreme and up at the forefront of the game. Our four pinpoints to consider

Read below, let’s find out.!

Pricing for Android VS iOS

Today, money is king.

Money can get you anything in life apart from saving your life when your time to meet your ancestors has come. So to get your Android/iOS smartphone in your hands, money is a guarantee. Money is king and so the pricing comes in hand.

Apple believes in the high class and nothing to do with the middle class. It’s the ideal truth you have to deal with. Apple continues to release expensive products which are also embraced by all those that have trust in their products and whose budgets can fit well with their particular pick.

Unlike Apple, Android is everywhere and has no limitations. Their products are for every class of people in the world. Android is overly affordable. Below $100 dollars and above, anyone can get themselves an Android smartphone.

Apple is expensive and that is it. So on pricing, Android wins

Performance of Android VS iOS

Similarly, when it comes to performance, these two giants are both greatly recommended but your own choice matters. Android or Apple, are just both good in performance with little differences. Take a look at Samsung S20+, iPhone 12 Pro, and many other series of their products.

Today many considerations are made based on RAM which the two brands meanwhile boast of at every release of a new smartphone with the latest software. The Galaxy S10+ is remarkable for its RAM which is 8GB/12GB over iPhone which has 4GB. This makes it outstanding.

Android has had upgrades such a Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly bean, KitKat, Oreo, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat just like Apple which has its latest has iOS 14.51

However, some software is slow which is noticeable in the different versions and upgrades while every upgrade has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, this makes it hard to choose anyway on which brand performs best but the user choice matters. These have fewer less small differences since all strive at providing the best to their customers.

As a matter of fact, Android is the operating system with the biggest market share. In Q3 2013, the leader was way ahead of iOS with 81.9% against 12%. Microsoft was third with 3.6% of market share, not far from RIM (BlackBerry operating system)as reported by apptweak.


A smartphone is not a smartphone without a Camera. Young and old in recent times love cameras. The world is advancing and so is the adoption of the use of mobile cameras to capture beautiful moments all through life.

In fact today these cameras have been turned into substitute evidence, improving sectors of storytelling for the good or bad.

Android and Apple have not paid a deaf ear to improve the cameras on their mobile devices and products to suit the customer tastes and preference as well as target making money from their latest smartphone products.


Like we said earlier, Apple is apple and it has a lot of limitations. Apple commands. You cannot change what it has already created or install what they have not created on their devices. iOS doesn’t even allow installation of third-party applications with their app store which makes android favorable for people who want to really customize their Android smartphones as per their need.

Android even gives you an option of enabling the developer settings in your android mobile something that puts it at another level while Apple continues to keep at the top of being highly security-conscious over Android.

Because of the nature of Android’s ability to allow its users to customize what they want, Android takes a lead whereas Apple only gives you the basic customized inbuilt settings. Nothing more. Apple is Apple and so a score for Android.


Android VS Apple. Should you buy Android or iOS?

The choice is yours, period!

Also, your money is your money, If you can afford Apple, go for it. If you can afford Android, then go for it. The choice is yours.

It’s quite difficult to choose the best between Android and iOS because both brands are performing well from time to time in order to deliver the best of their products.

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