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Alienated men, those men

Alienated men, those men

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

What is destroying man is having too much wisdom – anonymous

All they do is sit in their high places;Trading off their superiority over fellow mortal men
Thinking to themselves as all-powerful to Oppress their subjects!
They think themselves invincible;
Yet only God knows they are nothing, But alter boys for the evil one in high places…

As they lavish in their liege given high ivory towers;
They judge what’s good for the poor people when they know not what they go through:
They make policies and decisions to destroy the lowlife;
Foolishly not knowing they fall suit there-off…

They make viruses to destroy the earth yet they don’t dwell on Venus or Mars,
Then they shamefully come in disguise of being concerned and caring;
Coaxing their own to take caution of their own invented calamities and pandemics,
Resorting to resolutions that are against man’s nature…

Where God says man should toil for his own food…
They are Forcing a man to stay idol in his house…
So he may die from hunger other than the Virus that’s gone viral!
O insecurity; immorality and inequity shoot up to the heavens…
For we all know an idle mind is a devil’s workshop!…

Beloved if u so thought that the world loves you;
I’d rather that’s how much it hates you…
But we shouldn’t lose hope… It’s written this isn’t our home:
And there is even worse destruction to come as man’s love continually waxes cold. ..
Lift your eyes up to the heavens where our help comes from…
For men are so vile confessing their love for evil and the fruits of which are nothing But being alien to fellow man.!.

Courtesy Piece of writing — Isaac Mainiez

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