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Payoneer rebrands.It is a new future

The world always hopes for a worldwide payment limit that not only serves chosen regions but also the world. Payoneer rebranding may be the global brand for a global digital trading future.

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On, 22 June 2021, the (BUSINESS WIRE) reported a rebrand of Payoneer in New York. ( Payoneer rebrands).
Together with its current market position and the objective of being global digital trading partners throughout the globe, the new Payoneer rebrands the global economy as replacement and growth for fuelling trade technology business Payoneer, which is the worldwide market leader.

The new brand is another chapter in Fintech’s evolution from young disrupters to top producers.

It is planning to begin trading at a corporate level of about $3.3 billion under the PAYO ticker later this month.

On the edge of a worldwide transformation towards a limitless, digital trade in 2005, Payoneer was founded.

A “fintech pre-fintech” technology that has kept growing until today when Payoneer rebrands.
It is now very essential to the firm.

Payoneer’s enormous networked ecosystem provides millions of millions of companies with the technology, relationships, and confidence to be part of and prosperous in a new global economy.

“This is the era of open business,” said Payoneer CEO Scott Galit, “a period when everybody in a single digital universe may use their potential from anywhere.”

We’ve always gone back to that fact. Our firm will keep the company on track as we enter our markets, staying true to our mission: to anticipate, build, and inspire a future for global commerce in cooperation with our millions of consumers and partners across the world.”

The new brand color of Payoneer is ‘universal’ and reflects its pledge to be there for everyone. The new emblem is a circle that represents the path to a single, united, and more linked goal than any other.

In cooperation with worldwide brand venturethree the brand itself was established.
Jason Lowings, Creative Director, told the project, “A large number of players are active in payments and financial services, but Payoneer is unique in its global ecosystem’s breadth, depth, and integrity.

It is really a universal enterprise with a globally positive approach that unites the world’s markets, systems, enterprises, and entrepreneurs.

The emblem Payoneer represents the world of options offered in its numerous products, services, and platforms to celebrate and express this.”
Find out more at the blog of the Payoneer and download here the new logo.

Note: In February 2021, in a deal that would lead him to become a publicly listed U.S. corporation,

the company Payoneer agreed to a reorganization plan and agreement with FTAC Olympus Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: FTOC).

It is anticipated that this acquisition will conclude in late June 2021, subject to customary closing terms, Payoneer will commence trading under the symbol PAYO on Nasdaq shortly afterward.

About Payoneer

Everywhere, Payoneer is the world’s digital trading partner. Payoneer provides any company, in every market, technology, relationships, and trust to participate in the new global economy, from borderless payments to unlimited growth.

Payoneer has imagined and designed a fully global ecosystem since 2005 in order to enable the whole globe to fulfill its potential.

Payoneer provides a world of options that will allow clients to expand, ranging from new business people to the biggest global digital companies such as Airbnb, Amazon, Google, Upwork, and Walmart.

Your Payoneer account is your key to unlock a universe of opportunities. Whether making international payments, receiving funds, managing your digital business, or accessing capital, Payoneer opens your business up to the world.

Payoneer takes it upon itself to become the world’s go-to partner for digital commerce. Everywhere.

As Payoneer rebrands, this is what it offers to its customers and businesses:

  • Ability to expand Into New Marketplaces
  • Request A Payment
  • Withdraw Your Earnings
  • Pay Your VAT
  • Pay Your Suppliers
  • Connect With Our Partner Ecosystem
  • Access Working Capital

Do you want to then use the universal platform for universal growth? Signup here.

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