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The Theory of Choices: 5 Reasons To Consider Before Making that Choice

Since this is my other blog in mid-year, and New decade– I shall say this without stealth — HAPPY TIMES of enduring in the times of the pandemic. The year is still young and there is a lot to accomplish and buckets to kick off lists. I decided a long time that the theory of choices shall feature this year, and even when I have been procrastinating and allowing writer’s block to have the better of me — Yippeeee, I have finally put it out for everyone to read.

The Minds Journal

The Minds Journal

Life is acclimatization of different situations, all a sum of the decisions we make on a daily basis about situations that are presented to us.

As we wound up half 2021, I watched Netflix’s warranted movie;

Black Mirror Bandersnatch reveals how a game maker became so engrossed in the game she was creating that she started to question reality. While watching the movie, Netflix presents you with two or more circumstances to pick from, the choice you make determines what scenes play out afterward. The movie has multiple endings because of the several choices the watcher is presented with.

When I greatly thought about this movie, I realized that same is life.

Man has been provided with multiple endings all determined by the choices that he/she makes every single day/hour/minute/second.

For example, a man is rich or poor depending on the choices they make for their life, if life is a gamble, then men are either playing right or wrongly. this is equally true about serving jail time, marriage, education, friendships.

Life always presents you with two routes; either the affirmative or not. The Bible expounds that every choice has its root either in light or in darkness, either the choice you make gives you peace or leaves you tormented with such restless sorrow.

Certainly, that is the way in which the world operates.

The choices you make shall either bring you to a shore or leave you directionless amidst a heavy storm.

As the year is still in the zenith stage, it is important to evaluate the choices you intend to make as a person. Every choice is a key that opens a door to certain journeys and their endings thereafter.

I must advise however that a choice made in haste will always disappoint or fall below expectation. Oftentimes people do not pay much attention to the choices they make because they assume the consequences will not be as trivial, and even if they are, they probably will last an eye’s twinkle.

Humans tend to neglect the fact that the repercussion of a choice lives with you throughout your lifetime, could trickle down to your children, and sometimes even to their children — This is basically what people like to call generational curses.

Here are 5 reasons to consider if you are faced with a decision to make.

Do not make decisions in haste (at work, in your relationships, about your finances, etc), calm down, weigh the consequences, examine why you are very excited to plunge into making this decision, and then finally decide. Always find time to let your mind process.

Consider a person that was faced with the same scenario, what did they choose, how did that path turn out for them, what lessons are they willing to share.

Some life experiences are a trap, therefore to maneuver, it is best you seek a mentor. Have a mentor for every journey you embark on, this is because they are experienced in what you seek to do/find/venture into.

Before you make the decision, what is your emotional state?

Oftentimes even without knowing it, we make important life decisions based on the spurge of emotions we are feeling at that very moment.

Always engage your subconscious mind to ask the question; am I in the right emotional state to make this decision, is this decision coming from a point of anger, hurt, jealousy, or anything on the borders of negativity?

Are you making a decision to please people, and not yourself? if that is the case, then you need to agree that it is a wrong decision. Why I say this is because; very often when we please people, we go against our personal values and principles.

Start with you, and how that decision shall make you feel, shall it free you, does it go against your morals, does it make you anxious or extremely happy?

Lastly and very importantly, consider the “Still Small Voice”, the voice of the Holy Spirit. 

Some prefer to call it Intuition. You know when you are crossing the line into danger, so tread carefully, and pay heed to when you are advised against a certain direction.

As I sign out of here, remember that choices are not only the big breakthroughs in your career, relationships, finances, name it, every single day, we are all confronted with small details of choices make, and these sums up what our lives look like at the end of the day, month or year.

So put into much thought the small details the same way you would the big breakthroughs.

Carry around this truth; “Whether now or in the future, and whereas Some may have minimal consequences and others drastic, all choices are life-changing”.

Please, share with me some of the deliberate choices you will be making in the next months at (wbulime !!)

Okrrrr… Have yourself a Fab May… — Curated support (Kyofuna Cynthia)

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