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Solome Katongole was born in Uganda and raised in Columbia. Little is known about her family background.
She holds a Bachelor of Science in biology though she opted out due to changing desires in taste and preference in career. 
Like the African saying, “fate will always direct and lead you to your final destination making this line evident in her Life.

Being keen on fashion since childhood, arouse her passion and love for fashion paving a way through her core hence later going for an internship in London with Yemi Osunkoye the great Mentor and Role Model in fashion and design, therefore, being the brain behind the Kosibah label in 2008.

2009 saw Solome overwhelmed with joy as she graduated with a degree in fashion and design…..Like any focused and determined individual, her mission is to use create and make better high-quality Garments unique fabrics.
She is the owner and head designer at Solome Katongole Columbia, Maryland, and owns an outlet of her fashion collection in Kampala…”Let’s embrace Fashion,” is her word to the upcoming Generation.

Having participated in Several fashion Shows such as Hub of Africa fashion week 2012, Boston fashion week, fashion exposes, etc….. Shows how she came on the Spotlight.

She attributes her success to following her dreams and helping hands from family members and her boyfriend.

“Am Stunned by Choice of color and nature” she says and below are photos to give you an insight into her great pieces of work………

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