Envisioning the end of a matter is such a delight. Starting a business elicits both adrenaline and dopamine, sustaining that business is the hurricane storm. Entrepreneurs call that “the trough of sorrow”.

This year has had my eyes flip open to what the nooks of starting and managing a business are. I have never had a liking for entrepreneurship. In my school years, I had to choose between literature(rolls eyes; like I could ever give it up) and entrepreneurship and you should know by now what I settled for.

Despite the derogatory truth above, I have always harbored a dream to open up and run a restaurant– I have loudly shared this calling. I love food and taking people on a trip with spaces, art, and taste. This has always been my dream investment. And to Invest I did.

I started my business by adding salt to the wound. It was a pizza eatery. I personally did not mind doing some research about it and so I hired people I thought could take my dream on.

Audience and location were other cases in point to be on point. It was contradicting the current situation. A business with no clear target audience and location is bound to suffer the bullets fired by a struggling economy

The idea may not be the right one
For me, it took an imagination that I realize now, I didn’t give as much time as I should have–I should have constructed some more however when I saw the beginning and the end, out I came and determined to start. I had some Dollar savings to hit the market. I had quite a lump-sum amount of money, far and above the budget I had drawn up(or thought I needed).

My desire was to travel on the road to enviable profit margins and success… Hallelujahhhhhh, I thought.

At about this time, all didn’t work out. I had rushed the idea well as it was good I guess. The fact stands that everyone loves food but I failed to sustain what I had started. I kept hoping as well as looking for the Jam to add to the sweet bread before me. I went back to the drawing board for something new and extremely better.

Here are my 5 key lessons.
Focus, and this comes back to concentrating on a particular thing. Give it all your energy. Spreading yourself out too thin will not only wear you out but shall leave you with little achievement. Also, don’t lose sight of what you envisioned for your business.

Keep the company of those whose drive is as your own, whose journey is as your own: Proverbs 4:7–8 puts it in such a great way “Escape quickly from the company of fools; they’re a waste of your time, a waste of your words. The wisdom of the wise keeps life on track; the foolishness of fools lands them in the ditch”. If you want to be a publicist, ever so often hang and learn from the company of publicists, whatever you want to be, keep the company of!

If you wouldn’t want/eat/use it, the market doesn’t need it; This means you need to be the first lab test of your idea, business, or product. If you don’t see how it solves a particular need or adds value, then your target market will not see/use it as well

Meditate fully on the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit; I want to stress this out for you. You will need these more than anything else. (How about you research this for yourself so that you can read all the different versions of what these gifts are, and how they will help you uphold your business).

Lastly, let your business have accountability partners. It could be your man of God, your business-minded friend/parent, your mentor, etc. Let them know of your plans, and be accountable at every stage of criticism. Accountability is what writers would call Editors. Editors will blatantly tell you that the book you spent sleepless nights putting together is trash or grammatically unfitting(hurting right?) but will advise you on what you can do to get better (the growth once you heed shall leave you above aptitude).

And that is it from me. Go start your business, you have been sitting on that idea way too long. Don’t forget to share your lessons and experiences too.

Adieu — Kyofuna Cynthia

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